ARPA Provider Stabilization Subgrant - Round II Calculator

Base Stabilization Subgrant Of the Total Enrolled, how many children were in -
Total Enrolled
Early Head Start/Head Start ONLY
School Readiness
Part Time
Full Time
Part Time
Full Time
Enter Infant Enrollment (up to 12 months)
Enter Toddler Enrollment (12 months to 2 years old)
Enter Two(2) year old Enrollment
Enter Preschool (3 years old to Kindergarten) Enrollment
Enter School-Age Enrollment
Total SR Enrollment 1
Base Stabilization Subgrant Subtotal 2
Supplemental Stabilization Subgrant
Supplementary Amount
Supplementary Increase
Enter Zip Code for Physical Address of program
(a). Are you a Contracted School Readiness Provider?
If yes, please select CLASS Score Range
4.0 or higher differential
5.0 or higher differential
(b). Do you offer Non-Traditional Hours (Nights, Weekends, etc.)?
(c). Do you agree to use at least 25% of total grant amount on staff? 3
(d). Are you Gold Seal Accredited?
Supplemental Stabilization Subgrant Subtotal
Stabilization Subgrant Total

1 SR Enrollment will automatically calculate

2 Children enrolled in Early Head Start/Head Start ONLY are not eligible and will not be included in the Base Stabilization Subgrant calculations

3 If (c) answered yes, total to be spent on Workforce Initiatives is: $0.0